Building Structures Refurbishment & Maintenance

SL Construction Services specialise in the maintenance of building external facades using the latest materials and techniques.

Working with local authority, public/private sectors and major concrete repair manufacturers we provide complete installation, back up and technical support for all of your building structure repair requirements from initial survey and specification to project delivery. With our determination for the use of innovative working practices and products, we offer a single point responsibility for structural repairs and strengthening to high/low rise commercial, residential, highway, utility, petrochemical and watercourse structures.

+ Condition Testing & Surveys
+ Concrete Repairs
+ Resin Injection/Leak Sealing
+ Brick & Stone Repairs
+ Liquid Waterproof Membranes to Balconies/Roofs
+ Anti-carbonisation/Graffiti Coatings
+ Protective & Decorative Coatings
+ Helifixing
+ External Wall Insulation

We would welcome your enquiries and look forward to providing you with a complete solution

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